The Nerve with… Call to the Faithful

Here We Aren’t are extremely proud to bring you Season 2 of Call to the Faithful’s podcast ‘The Nerve’. We are excited to be sponsoring this podcast, which will be made available wherever you usually find podcasts (for an audio version), as well as on HWA’s YouTube channel (for a video version).

As sponsor, we have provided The Nerve with the use of our studio space for recording and access to the wonderful talent of our in-house production team, to assist with recording and editing each episode. It is the first in what we hope will become a family of shows from HWA Productions, released via our YouTube channel, which shines a light on the music, art, culture, and life we see, live, enjoy, and experience everyday here at Here We Aren’t.

The first episode goes live on Friday 24th March featuring an interview with Moskito, so go click that subscribe button, so you never miss any episode of The Nerve and arep among the first to see all the other content we’re working on over here as soon as it’s out…