• ‘Some Nights’ – New video for the latest single from The Pocket Symphony Orchestra

    We’re proud to share with you the latest video from The Pocket Symphony Orchestra – ‘Some Nights’ – for the fourth single taken from their forthcoming album ‘Oll Korrect’.

    Crafted by HWA Productions’ own Riley Edmett, and shot on-site at our Godric Square studios, this wonderfully trippy video accompanies the song perfectly.
  • ‘The Saddest Lullaby’ – New single from The Pocket Symphony Orchestra

    Here We Aren’t Records are proud to present the new single from The Pocket Symphony Orchestra – the third single taken from the band’s forthcoming album Oll Korrect: ‘The Saddest Lullaby’.

    Note: you may need tissues for this one; it sees the band hit a more solemn mood. Built around a fragile and haunting piano figure, the lyrics draw a picture of grief – about losing a life that hadn’t even really begun. After all, the saddest lullaby is a lullaby that goes unheard.

    ‘The Saddest Lullaby’ is available to stream everywhere from 30th June, 2023.

    You can find it via our Bandcamp page here , or via any of your favourite streaming platforms here.

    Here is the lyric video:
  • The Nerve with… Call to the Faithful

    Here We Aren’t are extremely proud to bring you Season 2 of Call to the Faithful’s podcast ‘The Nerve’. We are excited to be sponsoring this podcast, which will be made available wherever you usually find podcasts (for an audio version), as well as on HWA’s YouTube channel (for a video version).

    As sponsor, we have provided The Nerve with the use of our studio space for recording and access to the wonderful talent of our in-house production team, to assist with recording and editing each episode. It is the first in what we hope will become a family of shows from HWA Productions, released via our YouTube channel, which shines a light on the music, art, culture, and life we see, live, enjoy, and experience everyday here at Here We Aren’t.

    The first episode goes live on Friday 24th March featuring an interview with Moskito, so go click that subscribe button, so you never miss any episode of The Nerve and arep among the first to see all the other content we’re working on over here as soon as it’s out…

  • H.W.A. Partners with FGDJ Media

    As Here We Aren’t has grown rapidly over the last couple of years, the demands of running the business have put a strain on the available time for us to manage and create content for our social media. To aid us in ensuring our customers are kept up to date, as well as entertained, we have partnered with FGDJ Media to take over the day to day running of our online social-media presence.

    This partnership, however, runs a little deeper and we will be working together to offer H.W.A. customers some fantastic services to in-turn improve their own media.

    Reel Talk

    The first of these services on offer is an opportunity for FGDJ to create professionally shot/edited social-media reels at a discounted price. 5 x 30-second reels can be purchased and made for the introductory price of just £99!

    If you wish to learn more, please email and we will be happy to discuss your requirements further and put you in touch with the FGDJ team.

  • The Merch Table… is back from the dead!

    Come join us on 31st October for our re-launch event ‘Dia de los Muertos’ at our new premises, in our freshly renovated shop, at 18 Godric Square, Peterborough, PE2 7JL.

    We have a lot of fresh new products from some of our existing partners as well as a wonderful selection of work from some new artists. Come be among the first to take them home!!

    We’ll have a live DJ playing and free refreshments for all! We’re reopening our doors at 11am, so come on down and spend the day with us!!