Venue Specification – 18 Godric Square

Location: 18 Godric Square, Peterborough, PE2 7JL

Here We Aren’t is located on an industrial estate in Peterborough’s Woodston Industry.

Parking: There is free, unallocated parking in Godric Square. Please do not park outside of the delineated spaces, as this may cause obstruction for other vehicles. If there are no spaces available, parking is permitted along adjacent Maxwell Road.

Load-in: Our standard load-in time is 4pm. Earlier access can sometimes be granted, upon prior arrangement.

Age Restrictions: Under 18’s are permitted to attend gigs, but must be accompanied by an adult. We operate a ‘Challenge 25’ policy for sale of alcohol and ID will be required from anyone requesting purchase of alcohol who appears to be under the age of 25.

Merchandise: Here We Aren’t operates a little differently in this regard to most venues: we actively discourage bands vending themselves. This is due to the extremely limited space we have in the venue. Our main reception area triples as the reception, the bar, and a merch-stand. Our staff will handle all transactions and actively sell merchandise for you. We find this increases merch sales because customers are able to pay for entry, a beverage, and a band’s merch at a single point of sale – this encourages up-selling of merchandise at any visit to the bar.

We do not charge for staffing this and we do not charge any commission, nor deduct any fees, for the sale of merchandise. All card transactions will be handled by us and cash will be paid to artists for all merchandise sales at close of show.

We ask that you provide to our staff a price-list for all merch and we recommend complete an inventory check before and after the show, to ensure you are paid correctly. We will provide a list of all sales.

Crew: We do not provide crew, though our staff are usually amenable to assist where needed, upon request.

Backstage Facilities: We provide a lounge area, which is located upstairs in the venue. Access is restricted to this area – it is for the use of artists and their crew only. Anyone else found in this area may be asked to leave the venue.

Live Room / Stage: Our stage is very small. The whole room itself is 5.8m x 3.9m. The stage runs the width of the room (3.9m) and is 2m deep. To one end, there is a fire exit, which must remain as unobstructed as possible.

Sound: We will provide a sound-engineer in-house. You are welcome to hire an external engineer, or bring your own, however please ensure they contact us ahead of time to discuss our technical facilities – we do not have space in available for a standard analogue mixing desk.

We use two Soundcraft ui24r mixing desks. Through utilisation of these, we have 40 channels available and up to 16 aux feeds.

Generally, we rely on a band’s backline for the bulk of their sound. The PA is used for vocals, backing tracks, anything requiring a DI, plus a little reinforcement where required. We usually do not put guitars or bass through the PA. If you have any concerns, please speak to us ahead of time to discuss.

Lighting: Our lighting is very simple; we use two Neewer photography panels which can be set and left on any colour pallette you desire. Bands are welcome to bring in other lighting, but there is no rigging in-stiu and there is not enough space for lighting stands to be placed in the room, but we will be open to working with artists to find the best solution to achieve their lighting goals.