Venue Policies for Under-18’s Events

We take the safety of children very seriously and have a legal responsibility to uphold the protection of children from harm. The below policies are in place to protect attendees, to ensure those attending under-18 events can enjoy themselves in a safe and controlled environment.

Admission Rules

Where advertised as an under-18’s event, attendance is strictly limited to children ages 12-17. Anyone aged 18 or over is encouraged to attend our other events for Over 18’s.

ID is required for entry – we accept all standard legal forms of ID, including driver’s licences, passports, and Citizen Cards. Names of attendees will be taken upon entry.

If a Door Supervisor believes that a person wishing to enter the club may have used alcohol or an illegal substance, they will refuse entry to that person. The person will be detained and their parents contacted for collection. If necessary, Police may be informed. They will also be banned from our next event. We reserve the right to request a breathalyser reading for entry. Sniffer dogs may be in operation.

Full searches will be requested for all attendees – bags and wallets will be searched thoroughly and consent will be sought to perform a pat-down search of all those wishing to enter. Further searches may also be requested at any time inside the venue. If during such search, staff discover any drinks, food, cigarettes/vapes, alcohol, weapon or illegal substances these will be confiscated.  Police may be notified, if applicable. We accept no liability for the loss of any such items. Anyone declining to be searched will not be granted entry and/or will be asked to leave.

In all cases where a person is refused entry to or asked to leave, we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that any such person will be supervised by the staff at the venue until their parents, guardians, carers and/or local authority are telephoned and arrive to collect them.

Large bags – including rucksacks – may not be permitted inside the venue. We recommend not bringing such bags to avoid disappointment. There are no facilities to leave large bags or luggage. If you really must bring a bag – and it’s preferable you don’t – please do make sure it’s small.

Inside the venue

No alcohol will be on sale during Under-18’s events. All alcohol usually sold on our bar will be locked away in a secure area of the building which is out-of-bounds to patrons. Our bar will be open, but only soft drinks, sweets, and snacks will be on sale. ‘Energy drinks’ (i.e. those with a high caffeine content) will also not be on sale, as to prevent accidental sale of these to anyone under the age of 16.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for underage drinking. Free drinking water is available, upon request and our other drinks start from £1.50.

Signage inside the venue will remind attendees that they may request the use of a phone to call their parents or guardians at any time; they will not be refused.

Leaving the venue

We have a strict no-re-entry policy. There is a secure area outside where attendees can seek fresh air. Anyone choosing to leave the venue for any reason will not be allowed to re-enter.

Should any attendee wish to leave, they should notify a member of staff or SIA Registered Door Supervisor, who will always ask to speak directly with a parent on the phone so that we can explain if your child chooses to leave the venue, they will not be allowed to re-enter the venue should they return.

For those leaving, our door staff will walk attendees to any car to check that it is a parent/guardian or other suitable adult, who is known to the child, collecting them. We will check any taxi which has come to collect, for whom it is booked and to what address it has been booked. We will make note of any relevant license-plates and any suspicious vehicles will be reported to the police.

We kindly request that you respect our neighbours at all times. Please refrain from littering or loitering in Godric Square. When leaving the premises, please do so calmly and quietly. We all want to continue to play loud music, have fun and make great memories here for as long as we can – and we protect that by not being a nuisance. Please help us to do that by behaving in a civilised manner. 

Safeguarding considerations

All staff working our Under-18s event hold a current and valid DBS certificate. All our Door Supervisors are registered with SIA and have up-to-date training in First Aid, Safeguarding of Children, Under-Age Sales Prevention, and Drugs Awareness.

We have put in place policies and procedures to ensure the safest possible space for Under-18s to enjoy themselves that we can provide. These policies will be reviewed regularly and we welcome feedback from anyone on these at any time, to continually improve them.

Lost Property

If you’ve lost an item at the venue, please email with a description of the missing item, the date of the event, and your contact details – along with any relevant information (such as where you believe it may have been left in the venue, for instance). If the item is found, we will arrange for you to collect the item. We will retain anything found for a minimum of two weeks. Periodically, any items held longer than two weeks will be disposed of and may be donated to charity.

Harassment policy

Here We Aren’t will not tolerate harassment of any kind. We provide our spaces as a safe space to enjoy music, art, culture and for people to express themselves wholly, without prejudice. If you see or experience any unwanted attention, contact, bullying, harassment, or behaviour of any kind that makes you uncomfortable, please speak out and notify our staff immediately. You’ll be taken seriously and will be able to speak in a safe and private space. Our staff are trained to remove anyone engaging in harassment, hatred or discrimination of any kind.

Drugs policy

Anyone found using, in possession of, or attempting to distribute any illegal substance or drug will be removed and banned from the premises and reported to the Police. 

Those caught in possession of any such items will not be permitted entry to the venue and the police may be called. Any illegal substances or drugs found on our premises, or on any person within (or attempting to enter) will be confiscated and handed to the police for disposal.

Prescription drugs and medicine

We discourage bringing medication to the venue, but do understand that it may be necessary, in some cases. If you need to bring prescribed medication to an event, a sealed package of prescribed medication of a small quantity is permitted – providing that your name is on the label. If possible, please bring a prescription for the medication with you.

Anyone attending with items that include medical sharps, are deemed unidentifiable, not in the original packaging, or of a large quantity will be referred to the venue’s designated premises supervisor (DPS) or a staff acting on their behalf (for example, door supervisor(s)), who will assess the situation. These items may be removed until after the show and held in the safe – where they can be accessed, if required. A safe and private area will be provided for administering any such medications.

Dress code

There is no dress code for events at Here We Aren’t. Dress how you feel expresses yourself. As we are in an industrial unit, it can be cold in winter-time and we recommend you dress appropriately for the weather.

Noise and sound levels

Please be aware that there may be high sound levels during the event, and you may be subject to continuous sound levels which could potentially damage hearing. Ear plugs are available for free from the bar.

Strobe lighting and pyrotechnics

Some shows will contain strobe lighting or smoke effects. Should you have an issue please speak to a member of staff on the night. If you wish to check what lighting will be used for any event ahead of time, please contact us on

About the venue

The venue is owned and operated by Here We Aren’t Records Ltd.

The venue itself is not a nightclub. We are primarily a music-studio, which is licensed for late-night entertainment and the sale of alcohol. We use these to offer our spaces for use as an event venue, on an ad-hoc basis. As detailed above, no alcohol will be sold during Under-18’s events.

Details of our license are displayed within the venue and anyone wishing to contact our Designated Premises Supervisor, with any questions or concerns, is encouraged to do so at