Kissmet – Trippin’ the Life Fantastic


  1. Jaan
  2. Whole Lotta Nachna
  3. Why Oi!!!
  4. Life’s Fantastic!
  5. Heer
  6. Dodge the Rain
  7. Govinda
  8. Channa
  9. Don’t Stand in My Way
  10. Rainbow’s Gold
  11. I Need Your Love
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‘It started in the East with words and melodies from the far distant lands of India. In the UK though, the new home, it found a new direction, a new meaning, and a new musical form was born. One which didn’t know or care if it was Eastern or Western, it was just what it was meant to be. Like the Singh brothers who created it, it knows no boundaries, has no enemies and floats effortlessly across musical, cultural and ethnic divides. First they said it couldn’t be done. Then, they said it shouldn’t be done. But some dreams are meant to come true. Call it fate. Call it destiny. Call it… Kissmet.’

— Extract taken from the liner notes.

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