Burning Codes – Hope Is Our Lightening


  1. I’m Here for You
  2. Got Love
  3. Our Codes
  4. Whatever Comes
  5. Journey Into Love
  6. These Moments
  7. Unified Field
  8. She’s the Only One For Me
  9. The Road
  10. Fight Through

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Hope Is Our Lightning [takes] you right out into [the] sunshine. Burning Codes make music that has your soul dancing on the beams the sun casts, bouncing on the sparkles that shine from love. You can tell that the band’s playlists are weighed towards The Pixies and My Bloody Valentine but they have managed to create a sound that is very much their own. Crisp guitar riffs, taut bass grooves and precise authoritative beats gives these songs a tight uplifting rock hit to the kardia! It makes them much more melodic, anthemic and accessible than any of those aforementioned heroes.

– Soul Surmise

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