Current artists:

ANDY HUGHES                                                 

Prolific songwriter Andy Hughes is never frightened to explore new sonic textures and ways of writing. From his masterpiece prog-rock concept album ‘The Samurai Boy Saga: 1986’ to folksy balladry there is something in his oeuvre for all.


The Pocket Symphony Orchestra began life in 2012 when Barry and Darren came together to reignite a musical partnership which dates back to 1999, when the two formed their first band together. It had been a few years since they had played music together, but the time felt right to put together a new band. The current line-up also features Adam Wildman (formerly of End of Part One) and Jake Day (formerly of A Girl Called Kate) alongside drummer Kieran Eassom. The music the band plays incorporates the influences and experiences of all its members, but through the lens of the music which formed the foundation of Barry and Darren’s friendship – intelligent, meaningful, emotional, energetic, danceable rock music.

Legacy artists:


Playing an eclectic range of styles, Absent were a band which blended some extremely diverse influences to defy a genre tag. The band were critically well received, including the late John Peel among their fans.

A GIRL CALLED KATE                             

In a brief two-year life-span, A Girl Called Kate brought together all of the sounds of the 90’s (grunge, rave, brit-pop, acid house) into one energetic whirlwind of noise.

END OF PART ONE                                              End of Part One

Following Absent going on indefinite hiatus, Barry came out from behind the drum-kit to form End of Part One and showcase his song-writing, full of direct, honest lyrics set to a backdrop of energetic and emotional music.

SPLIT-SECOND DECISIONS                        Split-second Decisions

Good friends Darren Leeder and Mark Pummell started jamming and writing songs together. On a visit to (former Absent singer) Johno Leader’s home in Ireland, the two recorded a whole album (with Johno himself providing drum duties) – in less than a week. Calling themselves Split-Second Decisions, the name sums up the urgency with which the band’s sole album was recorded and the frenetic sound that it offers.

TRIBAL MISFITS                                              Tribal Misfits

Atmospheric vocals, frenetic guitar figures, considered and energetic drumming and melodic bass lines form the sound of Tribal Misfits.