About us

Here We Aren’t started life as a record label in 2001, by both necessity and accident, to release music by Absent – in which label founder Barry Walker played drums. The name comes from the title of the band’s first release – also called ‘Here We Aren’t’, as a joke in reference to the band’s name.

As Absent proceeded to put out music over the next few years, the name of the label just stuck and was appended to everything they released. Once the band began a hiatus (which would later become permanent) and the members set about new projects, Barry continued to release these records (such as those from End of Part One and Split-Second Decisions) using the same label name.

In 2008, the label broke new ground by releasing music by A Girl Called Kate – a fellow Peterborough-area band – who contained no former members of Absent. Another decade followed and the roster gradually expanded to include more acts – such as The Pocket Symphony Orchestra and Tribal Misfits.

2018 saw the biggest landmark in the company’s history: a move into retail, opening a market stall on Peterborough City Market, called The Merch Table. The original idea was to create a permanent merch table for bands to sell their music and merch but it became something more. It has quickly become more of a shared outlet for art in all its forms – visual, auditory, orthographic – and by stimulating interactions between different artists begun to generate an artist collective of which it is a core contributor and facilitator.